Frequent Questions



1. First, the user signs up for an account which takes a couple of minutes!

2. Once these steps have been taken, the user clicks on "Create new Application.".

3. At this point, the user will be brought into the Appking platform editing suite where they have the ability to upload or edit the application's content through the “Update Content” button or change design styles through click on the “Design Editor”, add or remove pages from their application, or Publish their application once you are happy with what you have created but pressing “Publish”

4. If the user chooses to make further changes to their app, they just click on “Upload Content” button and they will be directed to pages where they can populate or edit the content for each page in their app.

5.  If the user chooses to make further changes to the Design before the publish they just click on “Design Editor” button and they can further make design changes like a custom background image, new buttons, your image etc...

6. At any stage while creating your mobile application the user can preview the application either or two ways:

a. By clicking on the Mobile Simulator to the right hand side of the editing suite. You can refresh the preview of each of the OS platforms you have build on by just clicking on the “apple logo” or the “Android logo” above the mobile simulator.

b. Download Appking’s “AppViewer” app in the appstore and sign in using your user name and password.

7. When the user is satisfied with the application they have created, they can select the “Publish”  button underneath the simulator to check out and decide what price plan they want……….

8. It is as simple as that !!!!


9. Lastly for the busy consumer who is not at the desk all the time check out Appkings new Mobile Content Editor by download our AppkingContent Editor app in the appstore and starting engaging with your audience on the go!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ø Why would a small business want to develop a smartphone application?


· Consider the rise of the Internet back in the 90s. Many small businesses struggled to understand the benefits of having a Web site to promote their business. And even if they did understand the value, they didn’t know how to go about creating a Web site or what content to propagate the site with. Today, mobile is becoming the de-facto communication engagement tool which presents significant business opportunities. 


While many small businesses and organizations understand the value that smartphones offer to engage directly with key audiences, they have been largely excluded from the smartphone application development space due to lack of resources (i.e. IT staff or development expertise and constrained budgets) with no viable option to deliver a mobile application to their target audiences. 

· Appking offers an the user the ability to create great looking and more importantly functionality rich Apps at an affordable price to the world!!!


· The Appking platform is a simple Web-based solution that provides users the ability to easily create, edit, distribute and manage smartphone applications without any development knowledge.

· Appking’s Platform is bringing the smartphone app revolution to the Mass Market helping Corporates, SME’s and individuals create great looking and functional Apps that will significantly aid with engaging with your customers/potential customers or audience. This solution will help you add that value that your audience or customers want!!!


Ø Example 1

· Community/sports organizations: Say you’re the manager of a sports club organization. With Appking the manager/players of the club could easily develop a great looking and highly engaging smartphone application that contains club news, club photos, videos, uploading squads with pics, game schedules, maps of playing fields, contact lists, etc. so busy parents can easily access game times and location information right at their fingertips. No more digging though e-mails or trying to access a Web site while on-the-go. Push notification can be used by the manager to contact the players, parents and fans to update them of things like training times etc…..

Ø Example 2

A neighborhood chamber of commerce looking to create an application that includes a comprehensive list of local stores, restaurants, community events, city map and other information for those who either live in the town or looking to re-locate or visit the town.


· Small businesses: Say you’re the owner of a regional chain of retail stores. You could create and distribute a smartphone application to remind customers about your store locations, hours and special offers or sales for that busy consumer looking to pick up a last-minute deal in between running around and getting the daily tasks done!

· Example 3

· The owner of a yoga/fitness studio who wants to create an application that offers the latest class descriptions, times, instructor information, pricing, guest policy, etc. to that on-the-go customer who decides to drop into a yoga class at the last minute. This can also include GPS mapping so the consumer can get directions to this yoga/fitness class.

Ø Example 4

· You’re the owner of a FMCG company and you want to keep your sales force up-to-date on your company’s specials and inventory. You could build a smartphone application that enables you to push out relevant sales information to your employees working in the field who need the latest information in a single click.


Ø Example 5

· Independent Web site designers: A small, independent Web site developer could use Appking to offer value added services by developing a smartphone application for their new and existing clients.

Ø How much does it cost? 

· Creating your app on Appking is free. Its only when you decide to publish your app you will be charged.

we only charge a small up-front fee to create your app, and then we charge small monthly fees for maintaining, hosting, updating and posting to the Apple App Store and/or making changes to your app in the future…Please see full pricing details in the pricing section.

Ø How do the end users get the apps? 

 · For Google Android, and Windows Mobile platforms, the end-user gets an e-mail, opens the e-mail on the device, clicks on a link and the app installs over the air. iPhone users will find and download the app in the iPhone App Store. Users with any platform that has a web browser can click on the mobile browser link in the email and view the app. 


Ø  So, if I create an app using this service, it’s immediately available and distributed to Google Android and Windows Mobile users? 

· Yes, in few minutes or less to users for whom you already have e-mail addresses. 

· After an application is created and the AppStore submission fee has been paid, the application is packaged up and sent to Apple's AppStore for review. This process can take anywhere from two to four weeks, and entry into Apple's AppStore is entirely at Apple's discretion. Here are some guidelines that will improve your application's chances of being accepted by Apple:

    • Be Useful to Your Audience and the Broader iPhone Community: Apple and your audience are probably not interested in an app that includes only a schedule, or only news, or only contact information. However, if you combine those three items and add a map, an RSS feed from expert resources, a list of "how to" tips, links to videos and/or links to a Facebook or Twitter page, now you have something that is more interesting and useful. It's not just about the quantity or the kind of information; it's a combination of both that make the app acceptable for posting to the App Store.
    • Be Genuine: If you're a coffee shop owner, you probably have a passion for fair trade coffee and/or your neighbourhood. Share that passion in your app with news, feeds, and other info. Your customers will appreciate it, and even people who don't drink coffee will appreciate it. Additionally, this will improve your chances of getting your app in the App Store. The same tips apply for all types of companies or organizations. Share great content and show a passion that extends beyond yourself and your organization.
    • Be Original: The more unique your app, the more compelling it will be. Put content in it that is not found elsewhere: App-Only Coupons, Schedules, Community Information, Tips, etc.—information that is more useful "in your hand."
    • Be Humble: We know you're excited about the potential for having your app in the App Store and for the opportunities to reach new people that accompany this (that's exactly why we created this service.) Try to make the app about more than just you or your business. This may sound similar to the point above, but "vanity apps", "app store spam", or "business card apps" will not be approved by Apple. (We will not submit apps of this nature to Apple for that reason.)
    • Be an "App", Not Just a Webpage for the Phone: Apps, by definition, should utilize the robust functionality of the iPhone. So, include pages such as "Click to Call," "Maps," "Social Media," and "Menus." Include dynamic content and plan to update your app frequently.
    • Be Patient: Acceptance to the App Store requires judgement made by human beings at Apple, so while we can offer guidelines on how to make an app that Apple will accept, they are only guidelines, not rules. If, for any reason, your app is rejected, we'll work with you and Apple in an effort to get the app approved. It may become obvious that Apple won't approve your app based on the content and/or functionality. As such, we will resubmit your app once for free, and a second time for an additional $30.  We will not resubmit apps a third time.

Ø  When will my App be available through the App Store? 

· Submission to the Apple App Store and approval can take anything from two to four weeks. There is no guarantee that your app will be approved. If your app is approved and posted to the Apple App Store Appking will send an e-mail, including a link to the app, to the creator of that app. 

Ø  How does the content on the application get updated? 

· When the content creator makes changes to the content from the content manager on the web or from our Mobile Content editor app, the next time the user opens the application, it checks for updates and pulls the update over-the-air. Most often this is a very “light” update of the content. Even if it involves graphics, images, etc. it will be a fairly quick update because Appking doesn’t re-install the whole application, just the items that have been changed dynamically through our CMS.

Ø Could someone use Appking to create an application and submit t othe Apple App Store in order to sell it and make money off of it? 

 · At this time, apps created using the Appking platform cannot be sold for a fee through the app stores. This is something that we may support in the future.